douglas300pxMy passion for photography dates back to my teenage years. I started with a “fold up” film camera, learning photography basics when you couldn’t see the results until the film was developed and printed – typically, days or weeks later.

Although my passion for photography continued to grow, I took a definite detour with the furthering of my education. I earned an MSEE at Stanford University and decided to pursue a career in technology. However, my camera was never far from my side. In fact, I shot my first wedding soon after completing graduate school. All through the years, I kept my passion alive as a hobby – an avocation that fed my growing creativity.

In 1989, when the first credible digital camera (1 megapixel!) appeared on the scene. I jumped at the chance to enter the world of digital photography. By 2007, I had left my technology career behind me and had converted my photography passion to my life’s work. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

For me, it’s all about people – making sure they enjoy their session, wedding, or event, and that they love their photos. Photos they treasure. Photos they will keep for a lifetime. Photos that make them tear up with happiness. Photos are our best link to the past… to our memories…. to the joyous times that have made us who we are today. To be a small part of that experience is my ultimate joy.


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